Free Online Tarot Reading

This reading is based on the computer drawing three cards randomly and assigning them to the positions given.




Clicking on each card will open that card’s page in a new browser tab. Try to work out how that energy relates to the description of the position the card is in and of course relative to the two other cards/positions – particularly the center card which describes where you are right now.

When you land on this page the cards have already been drawn. Please do not keep re-loading the page to get more favorable cards as that will not help you. Tarot is about explaining your situation to you.

The only person who can change your future is you.

Reading for yourself is notoriously difficult to do and fraught with difficulty because you are using the troubled mind to try to get a new perspective on itself which is just not a natural state of affairs seeing that mind is currently viewing the situation as it does – believing it to be the only way.

If this free computer-generated Tarot spread hasn’t helped you as much as you hoped (which is very normal) then please make a booking for a session so we can sit together as two minds to find the New Possibilities a personalized Tarot Reading is so good at.

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Make a Booking with Facebook