This page gives answers (and links) to common questions. It will help you to get to know me and my style a bit better.

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Where are you?

I live & work in a unit in Elanora (behind Palm Beach) on the Southern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Here’s a Google Map to help you:

There is some parking in the complex and street parking.

What times do you work and will you see me out of hours?

I keep to Mon-Fri 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM by appointment as my hours.

I know that occasionally that is not doable and I am willing to discuss other options but please try to exhaust all options before asking as I may still decline other hours as I have learned the need to keep a balanced life.

Will you read for me over the Phone, Skype, Hologram..?

These are not methods I am comfortable with as a general rule. We need to be having a very open connection with each other. Phone, internet, etc. just don’t allow for that. I have found the same with email.

Will you come to my house?

Reading in unfamiliar places is not my preference. I do better work when I am in a place I know as there is less of the unfamiliar taking up my bandwidth that I want to be using for you. There is also the matter of travel.

I am definitely not saying no, and if you absolutely positively cannot come here, you can ask me and I will see how I feel about it. But please understand that you will probably get a better reading when I am where I am comfortable.

Do you do Public Events like give speeches?

Yes, I have and am happy to do so again. I do however choose my engagements carefully so please talk to me and give information so I can see if it is a good fit.

What I don’t do are Group Readings where I have to try to read for everyone in a room. Oh lordy, lordy no. If you have a group of friendly people who want me to visit, give a talk, then read for them one-by-one, I am happy to have a chat.

Are you Psychic or a Fortune Teller?

Generally, I prefer to say “no”.

The word Psychic is an old Greek concept work meaning “of the mind” so if you are thinking or feeling you are experiencing a psychic event. What I do is about bringing the experience of the soul/mind of people into a better view (or context). If we were to put this in computer terms I am like a spreadsheet that collects & collates data to be expressed in terms we can better understand – like pie charts – mmm pie.

Fortune telling is another oversimplification. Once I can see the pattern – the present drawing a line into the past – it is not hard to project a future. Commonly we are at pain points when we seek readers so being able to understand these paths allows us to project new possibilities – that life is generally very eager for us to take 😉

So no I am unlikely to talk to spirits of the departed, guides, aliens or tell you that you are about to meet a tall, dark, handsome man, with lots of money he is dying to spend on you. This is not really the best use of our time or your money.

How do I know you are the “real deal”

How do I know you are the “real deal”? You see we are at a stand-off if we can’t accept & trust each other. You have to trust your senses as I have to trust mine.

In the broader scheme of things, God/Life/The Universe has an uncanny ability to move in mysterious ways and put the right ingredients together for what would be the best outcome. If we can both be open, I am sure there is something special we can do in our time together.

I once had to read for a lady who was very unpleasant. I couldn’t read her. In the end, I simply felt I had to say, it seems as if you won’t show me anything past a day or so, like you have no future. It went about as well as expected.

She ran around calling me a fraud. Then some months later she was back. Yay! She declined a reading but said it was worth paying to thank me as proving me wrong was the thing that kept her alive. A few days after that first reading she had ended up in hospital, at death’s door. Needing to still see me as “wrong” made her fight. Go figure.

Life knew that I was one of the only readers working the “circuit” at that time who would have been so honest with her so we were put together. I’m sure we’ll both be happy to never meet again but that moment was needed to allow later results.

How does this all work?

Oh geez, that is a tricky one as there is no simple answer that has been settled on by Science. Some say this is outside of science but science is merely the study of nature. If you look into the furry edges of physics & brain research you can see where what we now know aligns with metaphysics.

If you want to know more I wrote a whole article on how I explain the Psychic thing.

What modalities do you use?

I really and truly prefer using the Tarot cards whilst we talk.

I was trained in Palmistry by Andrew Fitzherbert and sometimes it is a good way to get people to open up.

Other things I have tried once or twice are Psychometry (reading off an object) and Tea Leaves. I find those forms not as effective as talking about the question + guidance that you have given me in the cards you chose.

What happens in a Session?

I’ll meet you at the door – please do not be late (or even too early as I may have someone in a session already).

We will go into my studio (yes the one where I make music so it is very much a creative space for me) and sit on a couple of couches (just the two of us please as 3rd parties in a reading can really queer the process). If you haven’t already paid over PayPal, I will accept payment.

I will ask you to clear your mind and think of the reason you are here whilst I shuffle the cards – the deck is large and you will probably drop them.

I will fan the deck out and ask you to choose the cards so we can get to work. I will then start the reading. At this time I generally prefer not to know the question as Tarot are clever things and may have another area they want you to explore.

Once I have gone over the basic sense of the pattern I see, I will start asking questions of you. What I am requesting is to strengthen the connection and to clarify the context of the information I am receiving. Please be open with me, just as you would with any friend you went to for help. “Testing” me is only making this hard for us both.

We will proceed as the conversation does. This can include follow-up questions & answers from you and the cards. At the end of our session (1 hour) I will wrap up what we have discussed and the indicated path forward.

You may leave feeling a bit “full in the head”; this is common and it may take a while for things to start to come into focus for you. Remember that the Tarot is there to show you what you aren’t seeing so sometimes it seems at odds with your expectations. Let the information seep in and see where it takes you.

How often should I come for a reading?

Unless I suggest otherwise, you come only when you have need. Commonly that would be no closer than 3-6 months as this is the minimum timing for making changes stick.

I’ll be up-front and say that I am not a fan of serial readings: people who show up every week or month no matter what. This feels to me like an addiction. In my experience, I find these people un-readable as they don’t want to change whatever causes their circle of hell.

How does Tarot work?

This is not an easy one to answer. Sadly there are a lot of people who give very made-up answers to cover what they feel but do not know. If it works for them that is ok I guess, but it does muddy the waters for people who seek an answer that better stands up…

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