About Me

Helping people to find their path is something I was put here to do.

My name is Benedict Roff-Marsh. I was born in Canada on August 6th, 1969. I came to Australia (via England) with my parents in 1974. Benedict is my real given name.

The Hermit
The Hermit

I am now 50+ years old. I have been reading people since I was a small child. My parents encouraged it and would often ask what I thought about people. They were “searchers” so passed through many religions including the Spiritualists.

The first Tarot deck I used came to us when I was about 15. I was intrigued and did some of my own studies. Around the same time, I was reading about Carl Jung and his explorations into the human condition. The two paths had parallels. I often gave readings to my parents using Tarot or Psychometry and could give unexpected information.

After I left home my parents bought me my first deck. Once people knew I had them, they asked me for readings. I found myself working professionally in a tea house in Brisbane which led to work in other locations. I did this for quite a few years and during this time, also studied Palmistry.

By 1995, I had completed my own Tarot deck which I called “The New Possibilities Tarot“. The cards focus on what I do naturally: gathering the patterns that have created the present as we know it and how it can be navigated into new and more successful paths.

I am also a Composer of Space Music.