04 Creativity (The Emperor)

04 Creativity (The Emperor)
04 Creativity (The Emperor)

If I was a better man
Would fellow men take me to their hearts
If I was a stronger man
Carrying the weight of popular demand
Tell me would that alarm her
I’d never harm her at all 

If I was a wiser man
Would other men reach out and touch me
If I was a kinder man
Dishing up love for a hungry world
Tell me would that appease her
I want to please her again

If I Was – Midge Ure
The Gift – 1985

Well here they are, our previously well-nurtured ideas are presented to the hammer & anvil of creation. And the man with the hammer is The Emperor or Father. This man’s job is to take the raw materials of life and mold them into reality. This molding must be done to some plan or the results of his labors will be chaos. The best plans for him to use are those that have been well developed, and as we have already seen our Empress or Mother is well qualified for this kind of development. 

So what else does our Father do except hammer things around? Good question; on the surface it may appear little else. Unfortunately, in recent years this man has become somewhat of an enigma to us. When asked what an Emperor is, most people will tend to give a rather negative impression of what this man is capable of. But think of this, to successfully complete a project it is best if the creator cares about his project and the separate elements. This means that this Father of ours is probably a caring and gentle man, in his own way. It is very easy to deny this man’s caring because it may not be quite as direct as that of the Mother’s, but he cares nevertheless, and so it is probably is in everyone’s best interests to learn to uncover these aspects of the Father. 

It is quite easy to see that most tyrants thought they loved their people as they are prepared to go to great lengths to give the best possible for them. Of course, this does not mean that their methods are to be admired. Their sense of love is skewed & selfish. Their structure is broken.

Structure is what the Father side of things brings. It is all very well to have ideas & dreams but they are nothing until they can be passed through the rules that create reality. The Laws of Nature. Our Mother may seem to represent all that is nature and the Father all that is man but they are two sides of the same coin. Without structure nothing can exist in a form reliable enough to allow experience. The change in the floor behind the throne reminds us of how light can appear as both waves & particles, depending on the situation. This is a strange thing but a fundamental understanding of Physics.

By appealing to our Father’s nature in balance, with his more forceful side in-check, our creations may be more genuinely good. 

Divinatory Meanings

Father. Ideas into action. Creation. Growth. Strength. Caring. Masculinity. Unbending devotion.

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