08 Karma (Justice)

08 Karma (Justice)
08 Karma (Justice)

“Take what you can” they said
“Take it while you may
But keep in mind the penalty fits the crime
And it deals no softened blow”

We Came To Dance – Ultravox
Quartet – 1982

At some stage or another, I’m sure we’ve all heard a story of how Karma is when we have to live a wretched life to make up for some perceived wrong we did in some life we can’t remember. This may be the case but I feel that this does the concept of Karma an in-justice.

Justice is somewhat like Truth in that both rely on what is correct in a given situation and both are frightening subjects with components that are often hidden from our daily view. Sadly the very things that have caused the situation.

You may feel that because you have “never told a lie” you have nothing to fear from this lady with the scales. Unfortunately, we can never be quite sure. Maybe at one point telling a slightly different version of the truth would have caused less pain. But, how could you know? Don’t expect yourself to have to. Lady Justice holds keys to your learning if you dare to use them.

So often, as we are offered these keys to see behind the veil we lack the courage necessary to face the truth & lessons offered. If we choose to turn aside (which is our right) we may move off again in another direction. But something about Karma is that it has very powerful gravity which will pull us back to our chosen path & lessons.

Avoidance rapidly becomes a waste of time and unduly painful as each time we avoid a lesson our Lady of Justice will have to approach us in a “louder” fashion. Don’t blame her for this as she is only doing her job and probably doesn’t appreciate you making it harder. Try to imagine the backlog of lessons she already has, just waiting to be completed.

Justice is not a “man-made” system, so it is best not to draw too many parallels to our court system. Karma will present our lessons in the most efficient way possible, with each lesson being tailored for individual circumstances.

As a possible example, we could look at the case of our Hero, the Charioteer. His crime was to destroy someone’s home. This does not necessarily mean that his home will be burned down. Our Lady may first approach him with guilt and remorse. If this fails, she may hide one of his prized possessions so that he may experience loss. If this, and her many other attempts fail, she will have to consider more extreme ways.

Please bear in mind that all this time our lady will have been standing offering the keys to self-knowledge and advancement.

Divinatory Meanings

Harvest. Lessons to be learned in a situation. A judgment given. Help offered. The doorway to advancement. Time to move on. Honesty required. Caution is advised when using this card in connection with legal matters, normally there is a deeper reason for the surface issue.

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