05 Wisdom (The Hierophant)

05 Wisdom (The Hierophant)
05 Wisdom (The Hierophant)

My life I’m a fool for you
You who take no advice
You who think evil doesn’t exist
Just because you deny it is true

You know I am no stranger
I know rules are a bore
But just to keep you from danger
I am the law

A dog must bark
So evil calls
Both in the wild and
Within these walls

I Am The Law – The Human League
Dare – 1981

At last the final stage in our preparation for our journey through life, Wisdom, or The Law. This can be a difficult thing to accept because until now we have learned that we are “all-powerful” with the ability to nurture & create.

Why should somebody suddenly shove a book of rules into our hands? Why do we need these things anyway? Simple, think about it. If everything in the world or universe whizzed around like it was God incarnate then we would have everything from planets to insects (oh yes and people) crashing into each other. This would quite quickly lead to bedlam and then most likely total warfare.

So, to save us from ourselves and each other, some good soul had to step in and impose a set of rules and a system of order.

Planets would have to be planets and do planetlike things and so would insects. Of course, this would be quite easy to do with planets and insects as they have very little freedom of will. But once it came to people things were a little more difficult. This may account for the Biblical War In Heaven when God decided he really was God and promptly proceeded to toss our friend The Devil down to Earth.

Here is our wise man & lawgiver, God’s representative on Earth. He is organizing the elements and passing the knowledge on to his fellow man. In this manner, things can hum along very calmly. However, being a man, our lawgiver has a dark side which at the present moment he appears blissfully unaware of. This Devil is shown lurking in his shadow, which means we must always ask questions of his laws & guidance so that they remain a blessing and not the curse of tyranny.

Divinatory Meanings

Teaching, Formality. Tradition, Organization to help achieve a goal, Help given. Blessing. Understanding a pattern. Tyranny. Control.

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