08 Planning

08 Planning
08 Planning

Eights are all about Logic & Structure. Express this through Air and that is science, learning, ideas becoming organized.

We see a woman with her arms out wide. She is holding an open book. Above her is an open book that dominates the sky with eight Stars arranged neatly on the open pages.

The woman is clearly open & excited. Like she is dancing with her book. Reveling in learning, thinking, imagination, organizing ideas and making connections.

Nothing can be built without a vision of the thing and plan for how to build it. How to get from here to there. We need to have a clear sense of what we are doing or we cannot do it.

While this energy can seem rigid and science-y, it also applies to the thing that builds worlds like Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” of The Hobbit and “Hogwarts” of Harry Potter.

Divinatory Meanings

Logical plans are being made about chosen directions. It is important than these plans are formulated & communicated. Order is brought. Success is there if you can encompass & hold it. Find your passion for your idea to build it into a world.

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