02 Attraction

02 Attraction
02 Attraction

Twos are the first sense of Form, the first decision. Bringing together the core parts to build an idea into a reality.

We see a man & woman on different but parallel roads looking at each other and joining their Cups together – as though toasting an agreement. The landscape is open so this is still probably early days for this thing they agree to do but it is a start as they are drawn together to enact this project.

It is easy to think that this card is about lovers meeting. It can be that, an attraction that draws people together is a possible beginning of a relationship. This can equally apply to any other sort of project which requires several parts to come together to happen. Those parts that come together can be external or internal; two people, a person & an event, conflicting ideas within a person. This can even be all of these things at once.

This is the beginning of something so long as these parts can really come together and commit to walking this path as a unit, with all the sharing, compromise & unity required.

Divinatory Meanings

An emotional attraction towards a person or situation. Bringing two parts, ideas or events together. The desires of each part must be balanced before a successful path is chosen. A new relationship or project can be forged (or needs to be). Seek agreement.

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