04 Action

04 Action
04 Action

Fours are a stable platform from which things grow. Fire is Passion & Drive. Together this says, that movement is around.

We see a man standing in a square holding two Flames in each hand. He appears to be in motion. The yellow sky shows he has the ideas and the blue ground shows he has the emotion. It is time to move.

This is generally a positive card (as there are others that better indicate confusion or messiness) but it is still worth noting that nothing that lasts can be built without a solid foundation. No successful action can be taken without good purpose & skills.

This energy indicates that things are shifting or changing. That may involve some physical changes but may only be happening in the internal spheres of the person for now.

Divinatory Meanings

Physical moves. Organization & growth of energy. Putting a project into action. Event more forward but may involve some turbulence in the short term if some elements are not well aligned.

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