04 Love

04 Love
04 Love

Fours are stability that brings growth. The four legs of a table, the four corners of a foundation. Through Water, that is really stable emotions on which things can be built.

We see a couple of people standing with their arms around each other. They appear to merge at their arms & legs. They stand openly inside a square with a Cup at each corner. They are naked.

By “Love” we don’t necessarily mean romantic love, although that can be part of it. We don’t necessarily even mean that New Age love of thy self or fellow man thing, although that can be part of it. At its deepest this love is what people try to express through the concepts of God’s Love, Universal Oneness or even Bodhisattva nature of loving everything in a disconnected way. It is like embracing life – only not so Carpe-ing of the Diem.

Nakedness shows that to do a thing, especially with others we must be really open. Open with ourselves and open with others (and other people are almost always involved somewhere). Artifice only leads to problems.

We see one of those potential problems in that while the way these two people flow into one another may be nice, it may also be a terrible co-dependency that traps them both.

Once emotional energy is moving freely with a strong foundation, growth will happen (and maybe fairly quickly).

Divinatory Meanings

An emotional situation containing (or requiring) great openness. It may show a romance but is equally valid for a life change, business venture, or any other project. If starting a new path, this generally suggests that feelings are becoming solid and growth is ready to start to occur. This is usually positive but can show an enmeshed or trapped situation where the person needs to develop their own mind/individuality or free themselves from a fear.

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