06 Inspiration

06 Inspiration
06 Inspiration

Six is the center of things. The balance point at which possible becomes probable. When something moves from more in the mind (or juices) and into what is becoming real – just as all life, energy, activity. etc. come from or is driven by our Sun.

We see a man standing in a circle contemplating five Stars laid out on the ground around him. A large Star is appearing in the mist behind him. It could be in his view but maybe not yet. He may be aware of it. Or not yet.

Fives can be about confusion and letting go. Sevens can be about seeing clearly and moving forward. The Sixes can be that point where we transition from one state to another – hopefully in a forward direction.

This indicates that there is an idea that has just, or is just, becoming apparent around the person. The idea may have been there before but not understood. Now it could be better understood and acted on.

Divinatory Meanings

A relaxed & harmonious mind is more open to inspiration & seeing what is available. Ideas balance after a period of turbulence. Can lead to some re-arrangement of life or priorities as the mind starts to come into line with the new path to be taken.

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