01 Power (The Magician)

01 Power
01 Power (The Magician)

Then they watch the progress he makes
The Good and Evil which path will he take
Both of them trying to manipulate
The use of his powers before it’s too late 

Today is born the seventh one
Born of woman the seventh son
And he in turn of a seventh son
He has the power to heal
He has the gift of the second sight
He is the chosen one
So it shall be written
So it shall be done

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – 1988 

The seventh son of a seventh son is traditionally considered to be born a powerful magician. But what exactly is a magician? Legend has magicians as men who wear starry cloaks and go “pouf” to make things happen. This is ridiculous and yet mankind persists in believing in one man’s ability to modify the reality he sees around him, as displayed by this image. So here stands a Magician. Let’s ask him what his magic is?

Magic is simply power. Power over the self to modify the elements within a certain space & time limit. Every person, animal, and plant on Earth has access to this power. The power comes not from birth arrangements, heavenly mandate or wealth, but knowledge of the self & how the world works. Much the same as you can study a piece of weaving and then learn how the weaver works the threads into cloth. 

Ok, so we got this “Power” stuff. Now we’ve got to know what to do with it. The song speaks of “Good & Evil” paths. Good & Evil are concepts best left alone because as issues they are too emotive and only two-dimensional. When applying your power (or magic) to any situation try this approach to morality:

do what you will
so long as you intend no harm
to yourself or any other thing – living or not. 

Our Magician has all the elements air, fire, water, and earth laid out before him (just like weaver’s thread). It is now up to him, and him alone, what use he makes of this power. Behind him hangs the dream of far shores to which he can travel by the use of his abilities. Above him is the Sun (symbol of God/Ego) with an infinity symbol that shows the interconnectedness of all actions and reality.

When we first cone to realize the power we have to create (or at least alter) we often make very selfish choices. Or more correctly short-sighted choices. My definition of Dumb:

Dumb is when a person is so self-interested that they work against their own greater good.

Or to borrow some older sayings: Throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Winning the battle to lose the war.

In the Bible where they talk about Man being like God, this ability to understand & change reality (in ways that beasts can’t) is what they mean. This is referred to in reverse in Revelation where people abandon their ability to create and become like beasts.

Whatever choices he makes will set up our Magic-user’s future reality and affect everything else in his environment (The Earth). With our view on morality, The Magician will use his power to set up future realities that he enjoys. Yet whatever choices he makes, however good, they may be viewed by others as inappropriate. This means that we can only ever make the choices that we personally know to be correct. 

Just be aware that with choices, a null-choice – choosing not to do anything – is as much a choice as choosing to do something. This means that when a choice or action is required, “I don’t know” is not a useful answer as it uses your power against you.

Divinatory Meanings

Directions are chosen. Being in control. Desire to better one’s self. Shows where power lies and possibly which way it might turn. Take care that a weak will and ego are not ruling.

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