01 Will

01 Will
01 Will

Aces are the pure primal expression of the element. Fire is drive, the will that motivates.

We see a fiery dragon appearing through a window in the sky. The sky is yellow (ideas) and streaked with lightning. The dragon is holding out a Flame as if offering it.

Of course, that is exactly what the force of will does. It offers the opportunity to animate our ideas, feelings and even physical forms around us. Nothing is anything but lumps until we give it purpose to move in a directed way. Music without melody (or purpose) is merely noise.

The energy of Fire is always there, sometimes in ebb, sometimes in flow but always there waiting to be harnessed.

Like any pure force, the energy of drive & willpower can be misused so that instead of building things that celebrate life, it can simply burn & destroy. It is possible to think that you are building something when in fact you are creating death (stalled in a rut) so be sure that things you do are serving a larger idea with balanced emotion and good outcomes.

Divinatory Meanings

An issue of willpower, drive or creativity coming to the surface. A new drive. If not well harnessed, this can result in boredom or frustration. A need to add or assess energy or motivation in the situation.

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