01 Idea

01 Idea
01 Idea

Ones (Aces) are the point of transition from nothingness to something. Possibility (as in anything is possible) to probable (this is doable).

We see a naked man with wings step from a pyramid-shaped window in the sky. He carries a short staff topped with a Star. His wings suggest that he is more like an Imp (a force of Nature) than an Angel (a force of Heaven).

This is an idea appearing in this world. It is free and open, wild even. It could go anywhere (that is practicable for this idea). It could be a good or bad idea as right now it has little form.

This suggests beginnings or seeds. What happens is up to you and what you do with it. Be open as right now the idea (like an Imp) is hard to pin down.

Divinatory Meanings

A new idea or direction starting to take form. It could be quite hard to see or plan right now, just be open to the new. Find the idea or direction needed. Narrow your focus if being unruly (or confused).

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