09 Belief

09 Belief
09 Belief

Nines are the step before the physical world. The unconscious. Through Fire that is having all your energetic ducks in a row.

We see a person of indeterminate gender standing within the crescent of a moon shape. There is a large flame on the person’s chest and more flames balanced on each arm and foot.

This is similar to a few other cards in this deck. Everything is about balancing or managing the parts of the puzzle (or game depending how cheery you feel today).

Nine is the area of imagination, that threshold between not being & being. Generally that state is considered more a place of Air & Water, Ideas & Feelings, but drive is important too as it defines how those ideas & feelings move, what directions they move in.

Is this person in the card controlling their ideas, drives, passions & possessions? Or are they simply on fire? Not that being on fire is necessarily simple. It feels anything but because it is a result of not controlling the drive or beliefs around the situation.

Divinatory Meanings

Knowledge that a project can be completed. Acceptance of the non-physical (the mind) and its role in the physical world. Organization of energies prior to a move or starting a project. Possible short-term upsets based on deeper concerns. Be sure not to blow things out of proportion.

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