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10 Results
10 Results

Tens are about the real world. Completion of a cycle or a thing.

We see a naked man showing us his home which is a cross with 10 flames on it. The ends of the arms of the cross are flames too. There is a snake in the grass looking at the man.

The other tens show things that seem more like traditional houses. This one is different. It may just be that it is our assumption as to how houses should look that confuses us – encourages us to deceive ourselves.

Achievement through energy is not quite the same as through the other elements. The results may not be so concrete. They are there all the same though.

The other things that may confuse you are that the cross appears upsidedown (compared to the Christian Crucifix) and that lurking snake. A cross is a symbol for the center. A mandala is a form of cross. In a mandala, the center is equally accessible from all directions. This form of the cross puts the center back in reasonable access from the ground. As for the snake, snakes represent energy, how it moves with sinuous grace, even if there are no visible legs. In The Bible, the Angel Gabriel presides over snakes. Gabriel was a doing kind of Angel.

Divinatory Meanings

The results of your actions become known. Dreams & goals have or can be achieved through directed activity past, present & future. Responsibility must be taken for action: what is sowed is reaped. May show sudden large practical activity, changes, new things, cutting away old things.

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