Youth – Fire/Air

Fire & Air a winning combination. Air makes Fire work. Fire & Air explode!

We see a young man with a flame on his shirt standing on the high ground holding a stick with a Star attached before him. Below we see a group of tents and a village. Between is a river and our enthusiastic youth. There are dark clouds covering the sun above.

Putting passion behind an idea is a wonderful thing. It is what makes the world turn and allows us to build things. We need more than a “meh” feeling to allow us to get out there and cross the rivers that we will meet in our way towards making our great work.

Putting passion behind an idea is a wonderful thing. Until it is not. This image could well be showing us an invasion led by a zealot with fire in his heart based on an idea he forces on others. It is easy to do. Even if you don’t intend to.

Such a person will tend to be bright & passionate about their thing. Sometimes the thing is a great idea, sometimes it is horribly flawed. The former is to be encouraged, the latter is to be shown for what it is in the hope that the person realizes and puts their talents to better ends. The negative expression of this combination can be depression or spitefulness as an idea coupled with a broken heart is prone to be damaging.

Divinatory Meanings

Putting passion & drive behind an idea. Quick & enthusiastic but check that the idea is well considered. Pushing a new idea or way of doing things. A new journey or activity based on an ideal. A natural leader.

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