Father – Air/Water

An older man stands at the water’s edge, a foot in each world. The sand is the color of ideas. There is a star in the sky and a cup is held firmly in the man’s hands. There is what might be a character or sigil in the apparent chaos of the water.

This man is clearly comfortable with water and land at the same time. He is not afraid of what others make take as the chaos of the sea. The possible character below the Star shows that this man can find sense in the balance of emotions & ideas.

The ability to see and nurture ideas from what others see as chaos and fear is his greatest strength. The winds, tides, and storms can either wash us away or help us to see possibilities for new things. This man understands the latter so avoids seeing new & different in terms of fear.

As a balance of traits, this man may seem to take longer to understand and come to conclusions than most but he will show an innate feel for how things truly work. He rarely acts quickly as a result of this. Yet he will be steadfast as a father or advisor. He will often see the meanings behind things that others miss.

The negative side of this combination can be hair-brained & paranoid pseudo-science and wildly misguided misuse of logic and great ideas. If you meet a person like this they can be practically wise or smart but off-the-planet.

Divinatory Meanings

Being unafraid of nature and how things work so the truth can be seen and built from. Accepting balance between worlds, ideas or methods. Realizing that there is “hidden” meaning within things that otherwise might appear as chaos. Find this in yourself or take advice from another who can do this.

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