04 Space

04 Space
04 Space

Fours are all about stability & foundation. A stable mind, ready to build something is an ordered one. There is no clutter or untidiness.

We see a young, open-faced person sitting on a mat with a Star at each corner. The pose is reminiscent of meditation and the mat is reminiscent of a magic carpet.

These similarities are not to be taken literally but as indicators that a mind ready to build an idea must have good organization & a clarity of purpose not driven by the outside winds. An unclear mind, one with no space, cannot successfully build something cleanly. Any mess in the mind will affect the thing being built.

Meditation & magic carpets are about finding quiet space within the world (yet not leaving the world). Having order in your own life. This is either happening or needs to happen to allow movement built on four stable pillars.

Divinatory Meanings

Space & time to advance ideas & mental work. A quiet time to form the foundation of what is next. An idea becoming solid enough to take the next step. Personal space (mental & emotional). A need for clarity of the real reasons for things.

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