02 Energy

02 Energy
02 Energy

Twos are the real beginnings of things. Through Fire that is pure growth of energy & enthusiasm as you get a sense of the project growing. Right now there may not be a lot practical, but there is something there to be had.

We see a young man standing on a flame rug with legs apart and hands together. He holds two flames close to himself. The landscape around him is open. The sky is full of ideas (yellow).

He holds those flames close to let them grow, sheltered by his broad shoulders. His wide stance says he is building energy and getting ready to move. No physical moves yet but there is a new thing beginning to grow in or around him. It is his job to nurture that with enthusiasm, even if details cannot yet be seen.

If this new project isn’t snuffed out by negativity or unwillingness to be enthusiastic, then it will grow to open a productive new path soon (if not already seen or felt).

Divinatory Meanings

Gathering & Balancing energies so that they may be successfully applied to chosen directions – too little will fizz out, too much will burn. Directions must be chosen but today may not be the day to choose exact details, but the overall idea/tone of what is to come is important. Prepare for a new path.

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