16 The Shattering (The Tower)

16 The Shattering (The Tower)
16 The Shattering (The Tower)

For the countless souls beaten by their goals
Keep a hold on now
And the ones betrayed by the deals they made
Keep a hold on
If you hold your ground it’ll turn around
Keep a hold somehow

Hold on hold out keep a hold on tight
Tonight’s the night
Wake up and turn on the light
You fight and you’re right
It’s gonna take all your might

Hold On Hold Out – Jackson Browne
Hold Out – 1981

We haven’t seen our hero for quite some time now and you must have been wondering what he was up to. Well, here he is. He has used his time building a tower (that’s very constructive of him), and it’s a nice tower too. Towers are quite useful things. We can use them for keeping all our treasures safe, for keeping dry and for somewhere to go when life seems to be getting out of hand. Therefore this tower is a glorious achievement. So why is it being destroyed by lightning and our Hero being tossed out onto the hard ground?

A great clue for the answer to this question lies under the tower imprisoned and immobile: a cup of water/emotions. Last time we saw our Hero he was learning the joys of spaceflight (Leap of Faith) and ever since then things have been less and less stable & secure for him.

All of this took a toll on his emotions. So he built a tower to try to give himself somewhere stable & secure to stop and try to take back control.

Unfortunately, as you can see, to build his tower our Hero had to suppress his emotions; and as you are probably aware if you have ever been stuck in one place for too long, his unmoving emotions have built up pressure until they have caused an eruption. This means that the lightning is actually bursting out from within the tower. Often this is not the way we see it; we assume the lightning is hurled at our Ivory Tower by something or someone horrible. The lightning is an attempt to teach us that security comes from within rather than from outside.

When this lightning bolt appears it tends to be quite a shattering experience for us. It’s not fun. We tend to collect a few ego-bruises from hitting the ground – and losing a crown – but this “kick in the rear-end” is necessary because if we stop moving in life and become immobile then we stop learning & growing. If we stop learning & growing then we become like nothing and nothing is a space in existence and spaces are an offense against nature because nothing can grow there.

If you do happen to find yourself living in a tower, don’t worry, just look for ways to get yourself back into motion. Then if, and when, the shattering comes it will be a little easier.

Divinatory Meanings

Sudden change, often quite unexpected. The suppression of emotion & drive leads to an explosion. Pride leads to a fall. A period of questioning & facing the real self. Breaking out of self-imposed bondage. A shattering of illusions.

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