07 Perspective

07 Perspective
07 Perspective

Sevens are about understanding the Art of how things work. The emotional balance.

We see a large Star on a path heading into the distance. The path is lined by six other stars. The landscape is featureless and the horizon all but unseen.

When ideas have a good form & purpose then they become beautiful & powerful. This is how a seemingly simple idea can create massive change. A great idea has a purity of purpose that doesn’t include sub-agendas or personal ego-gratifications.

Conversely, ideas without a pure purpose or form are not only unable to create anything but can actually become quite damaging. An untidy mind will cause a lot of confusion. Dedication to confused ideals will take a person and even a whole society off-path.

Divinatory Meanings

Putting thought & ideas into perspective so a clearer path ahead can be seen. ideas or direction that will bring success. The true essence of the project must be known or it will fail. Be sure ideas and motivations are pure of heart and without hidden agendas.

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