Child – Earth/Air

Air & Earth seem like opposites so how do they go together. Very well thank you. The sky bumps into the ground wherever you look and there is no conflict. Ideas want to express. It is only when we try to fight that, that things get complex.

We see a child sitting cross-legged before what seems to be pillars or the entrance to a temple. On the ground before him is a Disc and above him a Star. He is in-line with the star & disc to indicate that ideas flow through him to practical outcomes easily. The pillars are covered in arcane symbols. These are the expression of ideas.

We get the impression that this child naturally understands these symbols/ideas. If it were TV, this fellow would be Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1 – the fellow who knows lots of dead languages and is able to translate not just the literal meaning but the message inside alien writings.

The background is low rolling mountains, not the pointy ones that indicate vast travels and new vistas. This person lives more in their mind than on the road. Sometimes, they can be in an advance team, but mostly these people are transforming where they are and their adventures are more local.

Divinatory Meanings

Ability, or need, to grasp ideas and make them practical. Organize knowledge, often that seems unconnected, into a form that allows the project to move forward. Narrowing down ideas & possibilities into the truly useful.

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