06 Balance

06 Balance
06 Balance
Qabala - Tree of Life
Qabala – Tree of Life

Sixes are the balance in the middle of the universe. The point that everything touches in some way. On the Tree Of Life, there is a direct path from 1 to 6, 9 and then 10.

Six through Earth is a well-handled balance of all the different parts & influences.

We see a man dressed in motley (like a jester or fool) standing on a disc painted with a star. He balances three discs per hand. The balance suggests that it is not a static thing, but ever moving. Yet his position at the center of the star is unmoving.

This is like the state of active meditation that we see in Kung Fu movies where the Master can beat 12 assailants at once with great finesse whilst being blindfolded.

To do this amazing feat, the Kung Fu dude automatically harnesses & balances all the energies of the different numbers (spheres) to keep his ultimate aim in mind and being worked toward. The moment he loses himself off to any particular direction, he falls.

Divinatory Meanings

Physical or practical stability achieved. Work & rewards balance. A need to balance the opposites and other parts pulling at the situation or person. Finding your own place in the universe. The sun shines on you if you can only let it be so.

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