07 Harmony

07 Harmony
07 Harmony

Sevens are art, beauty, all the softer sides of understanding & expressing how life works. Through Water that is the best love song you ever done heard. Well, probably a bit more complex than that but art is always best come at sideways, it is illusion and no illusion ever gives itself up (or can be made) head-on. Ask this lady.

We see a man & woman dressed similarly holding a large cup aloft between them. Before them is a large flower growing on the lovely green land. Around them (three per side) are six other smaller cups. We don’t see the sun but it must be there as the sky is clear & yellow (all those lovely ideas).

On the Tree Of Life the Sixes are the center, the Sun, the balance of things (with its hidden path to the source). On either side are the Eight which is Logic and the Seven which is Emotion. Nothing of value can be built without a balance of the two. Too much Eight is arrogance which leads to war. Too much Seven is another form of arrogance which also leads to war – altho maybe not so openly.

Harmony is about being able to express the ideas & needs of your project or the “moment” if being poetic which we probably should on this side of things. Nothing can be done alone. Everything requires other people, other events to happen. Working together is the only way to truly build anything.

Slaves are one thing (a very eight sort of thing) but fully engaged people are a whole other. If you are taking people or events around you for granted, see them as people just like you and get as engaged in their projects (holding up their big-ass cup) as you want them to be in your project (big-ass-cup holding). Easy to see different projects as unrelated to yours but all projects are really the same.

Look around and there are probably people you could be growing positive relationships with right there around you. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a fantasy or delusion. Get true enthusiasm for life.

Divinatory Meanings

A balanced & confirmed relationship – love or work. Successful emotional balance bringing success. Or a fantasy illusion that will bring failure. Allowing the more subtle side of emotion to help show the way – remember this is often more sideways than head-on.

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