03 Initiation

03 Initiation
03 Initiation

Threes are about taking form. Fire is passion & drive. Nothing happens until you have stepped into the fire and understood.

We see a man in a robe holding a flame standing on a path that leads up to a threshold. There is a step up and a flame on a pillar on each side of the entrance. The background is dark and without detail.

This fellow has reached a threshold, a doorway of transition from one place or thing to another. He cannot see what is beyond this doorway, even though it is open. There is nothing behind him to return to. The path & the step are well worn so this is the way others have come.

But still, it is unsettling. What is in there? What comes next? Will he be able to manage? Is he ready? None of this is knowable.

Nothing happens until we commit. You can’t run a race without running. You can’t make eggs without breaking eggs. It is time to simply commit and step though to give your drive a form or direction: hey brain, this is what we are doing now.

Divinatory Meanings

Making a commitment to a chosen path, even if unsure what that path is or where it leads. Having the courage to move forward. Time to move (or there will be another cycle of nothingness).

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