Child – Earth/Earth

Earth expressing itself through the same medium magnifies Earth’s traits. This is very practical stuff.

We see a child in a barn building a Disc (which happens to be one of the most practical things we ever invented – the wheel). The child has their back to the door and focused solely on their task. They have no need to dream of travel when they have the tools & ideas they need right there in front of them already.

This energy is all about practical & organized tasks. Things that have always been done this way, because it is the way it is done – and probably for very good reason. Such a person will tend to take direction (so long as it is clear & practical) and follow it independently.

Often this personality, if well expressed, becomes a good craftsman with the ability to deliver good results solidly every time.

This personality can lack imagination or vision greater than themselves. The products of their labors can even be given away as they find it hard to see the abstract value – or ask for it.

Divinatory Meanings

Practical. Grounded. Staying with tried & true methods. Being focused on the task instead of dreams of other places. Need to establish a genuinely practical outcome for energies or it may be time to see past the usual space you are in.

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