Mother – Water/Earth

Water expressed through Earth is grounded & physical. The warm hug, the bed made, the tire changed, the meal made…

A mature woman sits on a small throne in a wood. Before her is a Cup and in her hands a Disc. Grass grows around her. Trees frame her seat. There are clouds in the background but they are passing.

This lady expresses her feelings well. She looks to build a home or safe & comfortable framework for who & what she loves. She seeks to give birth to things, not just babies but businesses or new ways of making the town work. Equally, this could be a garden that provides food for her family or community.

Practicality is important. This is how her feelings get displayed. Even if she doesn’t use the words, you know that she cares because things get done. Problems get solved. Even if the events are small (like that grass).

If she stifles her natural need to create, then she can become rigid with somewhat pointless rules – plastic on the sofa and doilies under every cup.

Divinatory Meanings

Balancing emotions & feelings with the practicality of the situation. Moving forward sensibly with a practical framework built on love for the real project. Working on the big picture through the small items & events. Being open with your partners or workmates. Not giving in to silly rules that solve nothing.

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