Father – Air/Earth

An older man sits on a stone chair in a green landscape. He holds a large Disc. Behind him are mountains and a Star is in the sky.

The man’s hands reach past the outside of the disc to the symbol within. The outer part of the disc is the material form. The symbol is a compilation of the Infinity & the Yin Yang symbols. His hands show that he has a grasp of the deeper truths & meanings of a situation. This allows him to control his outer world.

This is why he is shown so solidly and confidently seated in a green world. He has his travels behind him as experience to draw from. He is successful – or able to be – because he has integrated all the parts of his life. He has access to the stars and can make those ideas work on the land.

The ability to implement ideas is this man’s greatest talent. He finds it easy to understand both his, and other people’s, ideas. Further, he can lay practical plans to enact those ideas. He may not do all the work himself but he can direct the right people to act. He can be good at anything he chooses to do, especially teaching or floor supervising.

Divinatory Meanings

Learning to be truly wise in thought & action by integrating all of life’s experiences. Reaching past the surface of an issue to access the truth within. Solid & stable. Actions from wisdom (not recklessness). A firm foundation for action. A great platform for action is there (or needed).

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