12 Leap Of Faith (The Hanged Man)

12 Leap Of Faith (The Hanged Man)
12 Leap Of Faith (The Hanged Man)

And the feeling just ain’t right
As I stare into the light
What a time to take a fall
I can’t stand the night 

And it’s long in the tooth
But short in foresight
It’s all that I have
And so I’ll hold on tight 

So I live
That’s about all I can say
I breathe nearly every day
Some say that it’s better this way
That I live I live

I Live – The Fixx
Shuttered Room – 1982

Our Hero has really got himself into a spot now. Like the fellow in the song, he’s just hanging around in a rather in-between kind of way. This tends to be a very annoying time for most of us. Imagine hanging in space between your past and your future watching life go by and not being able to do anything about it. So often as this situation occurs everything seems out of our control. We don’t know how we got in and have even less of an idea of how to get out. As observers, we can see that our Hero is merely heading from one place or event or another (like a bus journey). 

This empty space between two points is for us to look inwards, gather ourselves and receive inspiration. At least once in our lives, we all have a very large decision that we have to make and we just can’t see the results of the decision. To make the move we have to rely solely on faith in ourselves that things will work out in the best way for us.

Think of how it would be if to advance your career you had to move to an unknown city with no job. The lifeline you have is a phone contact for a distant relative, who was impolite enough to move away without letting you know where he has gone. This would make you feel pretty lost, not able to go home (that’d be boring anyway) and not knowing where to go. In this situation, there is not a lot you can do to suddenly make things “right”. So you just have to wait and have faith that you can handle anything that life hands you.

The times when you have to hang around are usually when large changes are occurring around you and it is necessary to remove old ties and circumstances. It’s actually a very positive time because new things are coming your way. Reflect and see what wisdom can be found from within. The more you can “let go” the easier it will happen.

Divinatory Meanings

Hanging around. Gaining wisdom & growth through change & difficult times. Reversal. Strong faith leading to direction change. Peace before coming activity. Loss of direction. Need for a new perspective on matters.

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