19 The Sun

19 The Sun
19 The Sun

I could show you in a word If I wanted to
A window on a world
With a lovely view
From close up inside a single room
With an open book aside
Like you read in school 

It’s so easy believe me
When you need fun…

To Turn You On – Roxy Music
Avalon – 1982

The song lyric chosen here was picked more for its feel than it’s content. Think about the situation in the lyric, when everything suddenly appears perfect. There’s no set way to make this happen and yet every now and then it does happen. Like when you see a sunbeam light up a room and both in & outside of yourself you suddenly know that everything (you & your world) are just as they should be; that you and your world just “are” and that’s all they need to be. The sunlight falls the same way every day and yet for some reason, it’s only today that you feel this way. 

The person in The Sun card feels this way also. It is his day of birth and yet he is the Hero who we have followed all through this journey. That makes this a time not only of birth (physical) but of re-birth (spiritual) within the same life. The latter is of greater concern here simply because this is the experience that we are all aiming for. So how do we get here? 

Re-birth and development of the true self is no simple matter and should not be undertaken as a five-minute program. It has taken our Hero many lessons (cards 0-18) to get this far. Also, these lessons are not necessarily learned in sequence and are most often gone through several times in a lifetime. This is not said to discourage, rather encourage a realistic approach to learning & timing (see cards 8 and 15).

The Sun and the feelings of happiness & oneness that it brings help to give us the courage and determination to go on when things get rough. It also helps us to see what our goal is and more importantly, what it feels like to be our “natural” self. Think of the expression of seeing things clearer in the “light of day”. 

The sun will rise. A new day with new opportunities will dawn.

Divinatory Meanings

Birth. Children. Re-birth. A positive new situation. Enlightenment. The answer. New beginning. Oneness. A balance between opposites. Partnership. 

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