21 All That Is (The World)

21 All That Is (The World)
21 All That Is (The World)

Love my way
It’s a new road
I follow where
My mind goes

So swallow
All your tears my love
And put on your new face
You can never win or lose
If you don’t run the race

Love My Way – The Psychedelic Furs
Forever Now – 1982 

I guess that by now you have heard the expressions “the World in your hands” and “the World at your feet”. Well, here it is, the World at your hands & feet! Here we are, at last, at the end of our journey. Initially, this may appear to be a bit of an anti-climax because where are the Angels with wings & trumpets, the gold & flowers, and the naked men & women? They’re all here for you, but you’ll most likely find that by the time you get here you’ll have other things on your mind. 

As you can see from the song this is a fairly solitary path. Not because you necessarily lose all your friends but more that you won’t need friends & supporters in quite the same way as you have before. 

The four elements – Air, Fire, Water, & Earth are all back together. They are shown corresponding each to one hand and foot of your realized self. Having this much control means that your reality will be being directly and consciously created and controlled by your ideas, actions, and emotions. So the world shown here is not the Earth as you currently know it. It’s more like a womb (yes, as in babies) where the elements combine in primal chaos from which birth may spring forth. And as we have already seen, the spark that creates that new life comes from within, rather than a totally external “God” source. 

This is a period of endings & beginnings. The Tarot can be seen as wheels within wheels so as you finish on one wheel you will move to the next. Even though many of the lessons are very tough the friends you’ve met here will always ensure that they are not too difficult to complete. The twelve stars (star signs) shown here are a constant reminder that everyone can achieve this goal with just a little effort. 

Divinatory Meanings

Being in control. Beginning & end of a cycle. Potential for birth. The “self” realized. Success. Goals achieved. Confusion. Feeling at a loss.

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