05 Fear

05 Fear
05 Fear

Fives are about refining the form of the project. Letting go of what no longer serves the true purpose. Through Air, fives are about changing our ideas. There is little we fear more than that.

We see a naked lady appearing to juggle five stars whilst standing on a pentagon. Her unclothed state reminds us that at these times, we cannot hide. It will happen anyway and the more nakedly honest we can be, the easier it will be.

The pentagon shows that she is in a very defined space until the process is finished. The background is open to show that there is little to no external support right now. This is a process of the person’s mind, not a community decision. Help may appear but it will be more from within than without.

Stars being juggled is of course somewhat impossible. Stars are too hot to touch. Ideas also can appear too bright or too hot to look at. One star is larger than the others. This indicates that there is a direction, an answer there but it needs to be looked at, understood & chosen.

Choosing this one idea means that other ideas will need to be put aside. We don’t like this one bit but it must be done. We are more than the sum of our ideas (especially if they no longer serve the project).

Divinatory Meanings

Struggle involved with changing ideas. Trying to keep too many ideas afloat at once. Time to choose to allow movement again. Letting go of ideas that are no longer needed. True directions prevail if allowed. Frustration & fear are symptoms of resisting this necessary process.

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