13 Destructor

13 Destructor (Death)
13 Destructor (Death)

Confirming fears that from the dawn of time have been
Retracing footsteps in dark chambers of grey lands
And through the madness through the terror we must pass
As if awaiting sunlight that may never come
In time we face ourselves with all our faults and fears
Now that I know the final conflict is within
I recognize the faces of my friends and hear the call
“Come journey journey with me through the darkest hour”

Darkness Before Dawn – Killing Joke
Night Time – 1985

And now a warm welcome for our old friend Death – don’t worry, he won’t get you till it’s your time. The first question you’re probably asking is – what is Death doing in our Mother’s flower garden and why is he killing all her lovely flowers? Birth and death are both part of a cycle that I refer to as – Destructor/Creator/Destructor. There must be a balance in everything that we do otherwise things would get out of hand. What would happen if every person ever born was still alive and wandering around today? By now we’d probably have no more space for wandering.

Death is working the other side of our Mother’s garden. Instead of nurturing the flowers from seeds to maturity he is plowing the mature flowers back into the ground. When plowing a crop into the ground the plants are chopped into smaller pieces. This makes it easier for the plant to be assimilated back into the primal elements that they originated from. In time, Fertility and Creation will again rise from these elements to further Life’s particular course. When the purpose of this new creation is done Destruction will again occur.

Death is our Mother’s helper in the garden. Destruction is only allowed to befall those plants that are no longer required in the current form.

In time Death will come to reap every one of us. This does not mean that we are no longer required, rather that our presence in our current state is no longer necessary for the current development of our selves. However, I don’t believe that this is the end of us. Mankind has always been aware of the cycles of Creation & Destruction, and where convenient has even tried to copy them (eg. re-cycling). The fact that cycles of re-use exist everywhere else in nature suggests that something of us would also continue to exist after a visit from Death. So even after you and I as individuals cease to exist we will continue to exist as further incarnations of ourselves as a whole.

The Destructor card in a reading refers to a sudden change in circumstances that sometimes occurs un-announced. It is the point where the old restrictions are cut away or left behind allowing a move to a more positive, freer life. Unfortunately, we don’t like this kind of change and so commonly see it as bad or difficult. For example, a divorce at the end of an unhappy marriage is not a fun thing but it is positive & necessary for the growth of the people involved.

Divinatory Meanings

Indicates the major turning point from one cycle to another. Reaping. Change. Clearing the old for the new. A dark journey of self-discovery. Disillusion.

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