05 Turbulence

05 Turbulence
05 Turbulence

Fives are about cutting away what is not needed anymore for the project to succeed. It is “letting go”. Five through Water is emotionally letting go. We rarely like that.

We see a slightly forbidding landscape with a full moon in the sky and mountains in the background. In the foreground, a Cup pours water out over the land. Four more cups appear in the stream.

There is no apparent purpose for pouring this water here, no tree or stream. It looks like water on barren ground. This is because this is how we often feel in this situation.

If these emotions, feelings, beliefs are no longer needed then they need to be let go. Allowed to flow away. Trapped energy does no good. Flowing energy is what gets things done. Allow this.

Divinatory Meanings

Powerful emotions coming to the surface to be let go. Will wash away of its own accord if allowed. Will cause fights if not allowed. Clearing out old conditions. Getting emotions moving to prepare the way to move again. Anything that appears to be lost, is not worth keeping. Let things flow.

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