Mother – Water/Water

Water expressed through water is a pretty feminine thing. It is the essence of the hyper-feminine energies with all that is great or troublesome with that.

We see a lovely lady standing firmly behind a cup (cauldron) with a second cup engraved on it. The Z symbol of life (energy traveling) is also engraved. This energy can be contained but it will still flow as we can see from the way her dress flows into the sea – or the sea into her.

In a positive sense, this energy is immense nurturing, building limits & defending them so safety & comfort is total to allow the best possible growth to occur.

In a negative sense, this energy is defensive and caustic, building walls & attacking any who pass, security & separation is total. Except only withering can occur.

The thing to understand is that while there are possible positives in each orientation, growth only happens when the world is experienced – that dress that flows in & out of the sea.

Are you self-nurturing in a positive sense or creating walls of fear? If life is not flowing then it is the latter and must be changed into the former.

Divinatory Meanings

Wife, Mother & Lover. Very creative in typically feminine ways but may need to learn to also express in the physical world. Self-care versus self-damage (commonly under the guise of care).

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