17 The Stars (The Star)

17 The Stars (The Star)
17 The Stars (The Star)

Somethin’ changin’ for me inside
Took a long time
Now there’s nothin’ for me to hide
I say what’s on my mind
Changes makin’ me see the light
I finally see wrong from right
Now I can see every sign

I Think I Like It – Boston
Third Stage – 1986

At last, we’re really back into the light. Now that we’re back on the move again our ideas are beginning to become clear again. The ideas we are seeing (the stars in our Tarot sky) are both dawning self-awareness and creative potentials.

They’re nice words, aren’t they? And why is there a naked lady in a pool of water with a couple of jugs?

As you’re probably aware by now, Tarot land is a rather strange place (but no stranger than our heads & hearts) and so what the lady is doing is taking ideas from our unconscious and placing them into our conscious. Let’s call the lady Esther, which means “star” and imagine that the plant growing beside her is you. 

As Esther pours ideas into your heart & mind some of the ideas are used for growth (remember you’re a plant) and others flow back into the pond or unconscious. It is up to you which ideas you will use and which ideas you will return.

Some ideas which you receive are good for growing your stem (self) and others for growing new leaves (external creativity). Esther will choose carefully among all the potential ideas within you so that you will always receive the best ideas for you at any given moment.

It’s a very good idea to work with every idea that Esther provides you with because if you don’t you will not be growing to your potential. If you reject creative ideas and accept only self ideas you’ll have a very fine stem with no leaves, or if you accept only ideas for creative projects and reject self ideas you’ll have lots of leaves but nowhere to hang them. Either way is not a good way for a plant to grow. You will, of course, find that the ideas that Esther gives to you (of both types) are similar in content, so if you accept them all and work with them you’ll find your stem has a direction to grow in and leaves to hang.

Divinatory Meanings

Re-awakening of creativity, New ideas & opportunities. Ideas being put into action. Balancing of ideas. Shedding new light on a situation. Choosing between possibilities.

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