02 Decision

02 Decision
02 Decision

Twos are about taking energy and expanding it. A direction or shape must be chosen. In the form of Air that is thinking to balance ideas and choose the path to be taken.

We see a fresh-faced young person standing at the fork of two roads. The roads are yellow so they are in the mind. He holds a star in each hand as though he is weighing his options.

The world at this point is very bland or open and devoid of structure so what can be built is equally open.

The boy could be increasing his store of ideas. But a decision will have to be made about which way he goes as these paths diverge and to take both at once will tear him apart.

Divinatory Meanings

Through the use of the mind, imagination & ideas come to be balanced and choices made to decide the form that the new path will have. Take care of thinking at this point as thinking is what forms this new world. If sitting on the fence and gathering information, this cannot go on forever.

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