07 Creativity

07 Creativity
07 Creativity

Sevens are about Emotion & Arts – the expression of individuality that makes life unique & valuable. Through Fire that is the dedication and passion that only us humans can achieve (yet so easily ignore).

We see a person at a canvas painting a fire. Their paintbrush is a flame and there is a candle on the floor. The fire is made of five flames (the number of Mankind) to remind us that we make ourselves.

Life seems to express itself in greater individuality & complexity. The artist seeks to deliver that in his work. Creativity is not only about making art but is how we do everything about life.

The artist appears secluded. He stares off into the void as inspiration for his painting. The candle on the floor casts light yet appears ignored. This is how we tend to be with reality (science) around ourselves.

Divinatory Meanings

The Arts. Living life as though it were Art. Allow creativity & individuality free reign to give the project emotional fullness. The feelings about a task are very important in defining the outcomes. Look not only into the distance but to the expression of what you want in the world around you for guidance.

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