Youth – Fire/Fire

Fire expressed through fire is always going to be fun. Or not fun at all.

We see a young man playing football. His shirt is off and his arms are held wide open. In front of him is a ball with a flame on it. Behind him are two poles with flags, one has a flame on it. The sun is in a clear sky.

Being young, this person is full of energy, enthusiasm, and bravado. This makes him very lively. A natural sportsman or entertainer. He will be pretty open about his interests or disinterests. Yes or no are equal answers from him. If he is not interested then nothing will get done about it. If he is, then that will be all his world; until it is not.

If this is a warning card then watch that this person (or energy) is not working in the negative as then you have someone working against the cause who is prepared to go as far as an all-out war to get their way. Be sure this is not an aspect of you or it will get difficult.

Divinatory Meanings

A huge surge of energy. A hugely passionate focus. Immense natural ability in a task (although often only in which the person is interested – otherwise apathy). Travel & Adventure. Keep energies internal & external well focused.

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