03 Direction

03 Direction
03 Direction

Threes are the first form of a thing. Air is the realm of ideas. So the first sense of an idea having form is a direction.

We see a woman holding a star aloft in each hand. A third star is between her feet. The stars echo the shape of the triangle that she stands on. An equilateral triangle is the first shape that is clearly man-made – meaning it is the most basic directed form we can build.

An idea without a conscious form is nothing. It has no power. We cannot take any action without direction or cause. I read once that there is no such thing as a random murder. Sounds grisly and people will have you believe that is not true, but even a lunatic with a sniper rifle & scope will select their targets. This says that in their pain, this person has form & direction in their actions to chose one person and pass over others. Even if they shoot everyone in sight, they chose that location/time for a reason.

Understanding the form of our ideas, helps us to choose the right actions for them.

Divinatory Meanings

Organization of ideas to form a shape & direction for them. This will tend to be more intuitive (or automatic) at this point. Time to move forward with an idea. See what the idea, plan, or possibility of a path is and start down it.

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