03 Affection

03 Affection
03 Affection

Threes are about forming that first primal shape and Water is emotion. The first formed feeling we have is affection. We don’t even have to like a thing to develop an affection for it.

We see three women of different ages (Maiden-Mother-Crone) standing together under a full moon holding a cup each. The Maiden has red hair to signify life force, the Mother has blonde hair to signify purity of purpose (the idea), and the Crone has black hair to signify the limits of nothingness that surrounds & defines life.

Affection is the first emotion, the base from which we build a greater attachment to a thing or person. We can be annoyed by a person yet still have an affection for them that we would miss them if they left. Realizing this affection lets us work out how to build a stronger relationship with them.

This doesn’t need to be taken literally (let alone romantically) but to show that the emotional shape & direction of the thing is being formed/seen and from that great things can be achieved.

Divinatory Meanings

Emotions & feelings take a chosen path. A bond between people or a person and a thing (or idea). A solid foundation exists or needs to exist. Emotion is driven by a forcer greater (yet more subtle) than the person involved – can indicate a seeming change of heart.

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