01 Feeling

01 Feeling
01 Feeling

Aces are the permeable boundary between what is possible and what is probable. The difference between not existing and existing. Aces are both the smallest & largest concepts in the Tarot world. An idea or a feeling is seemingly tiny & insignificant, yet it can grow to change the whole world.

We see a lady, part fish emerging from the divide between worlds whilst holding a cup. She is surrounded by water both in the sea and in the air. The lady is naked to remind us that at this point the emotion is very naked or open. Conversely, her nakedness shows her power to draw us in (like a Siren).

New feelings can be easy to ignore but over time they are as likely to grow into something powerful. This new feeling or emotional event can be either positive like a new love or negative like a work frustration. Either can be made to grow or snuffed out.

Often Aces can show something that is already there and growing beyond our conscious ability or desire to control. If this is a lover or work issue, be aware that this will bring a change that may be tumultuous if you are not in control of what is going on. Try to take stock and be very honest about the difference between what is and isn’t possible or probable.

Divinatory Meanings

Love or other strong emotions in a situation. Emotion coming to the surface. If blocked, this situation will lead to frustration and even dramatic outcomes. A pivot point based on a feeling more than a practical thing itself.

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