10 Goal

10 Goal
10 Goal

Tens are about completion. The end that creates a new beginning. Through Air that is a clear and defined goal.

We see a man on a path leading to a large building (not defined if it is a solid structure or a tent). There are nine stars on the building and one in the doorway. A yellow flag flies above and a bird passes.

All of the tens contain a very similar image. This reminds us that goals are actually all rather alike. Achievement is never about details. Achievement is always about getting there. Sometimes the details are very different from what is expected but a home is home whether it is a tent or a mansion.

The yellow flag fluttering in the breeze and the bird remind us that the mind must always be free to achieve. The mind can never be imprisoned, even if the body is. If the mind is imprisoned then it must be freed to let life do what it is there for.

Divinatory Meanings

A goal in sight. Confirmation of a goal that can/will be achieved. Achievement of the goal becomes very possible. Completed ideas, time for the next phase. Ideas becoming a reality. Ideas appear in the physical world. Ideas/Mind need to be free.

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