08 Communication

08 Communication
08 Communication

Eights are all about the honor & glory of intelligence. Through water that is the “magic” of well-ordered emotion & communication.

We see a table with eight people seated facing each other, holding a cup each. The people are all matching to remind us that we can communicate best when we work on what makes us common more than what we think makes us different. Uniformity (or discipline) does not have to mean loss of identity.

The people are arranged in two rows of four. Four is the number of growth and the first truly stable form. Great communication comes when people with established forms & ideas, can show strengths & weaknesses openly and work out how to build something greater than either side could do alone.

If none of this is done in such an ordered or mature fashion, things can go horribly wrong, very fast. Yet this is so often the foundation that we use as we try to work with (steal from) others.

Divinatory Meanings

A steady and even flow of communication. A balance between head & heart, ego & oneness to allow building something greater than the parts. Learning from others. Consideration of other viewpoints. A deadlocked situation that needs something to open the way for an equitable solution.

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