Mother – Water/Fire

A lady stands over a fire that is warming a cup on a spit. Behind her is a black & white wall hanging. Her stance is firm but open.

This is a mature woman who has learned to couple her emotions & passion toward creating a stable “home” for the things she does. She can take ideas (the B&W curtain) and realize them in the real world based on her experience & stability.

That stability is the result of knowing how to balance feeling with drive so that her environment and the things she invests her time into are well organized.

If unbalanced, this can lead to a controlling person who scolds those around them for not doing it exactly as they would – too many rules.

Can be a great guide, assistant, mentor or a terrible trap (think Lady Macbeth).

Divinatory Meanings

Power from knowing your own mind (and often that of others). Knowing how things work. A tendency to organize the home & work space to make things nice or efficient. Encourages growth and completion of projects – everything squared away. Likes to have a project (or three) on the go. Controlling or limiting.

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