Mother – Water/Air

A mature woman sits in on a throne in a room with flags on the walls and a stained glass window behind her. The throne has a cup on it and she holds a star in her left hand.

This lady is clearly grounded and stable in her position. The star says that she is a receiver of Air or ideas. She can see both sides of any argument (black & white flags) whilst maintaining the ability to use compassion (cup).

The stained glass window is red & black to show life and the openness of eternity as her source of wisdom & power. This means that she always looks for the right or fair path in any situation.

Her idealism can appear stubborn if based on perfect ideals. This can cause difficulties with others who are more malleable in their views on morality. Her rigidity though is the ideals of truth so she can then surprise people by being very flexible if there is a better argument (or new information).

Divinatory Meanings

Ideas backed by emotion. Firmly held beliefs & ideals usually based on deep thought, sometimes to her detriment. Sometimes seeing things in black & white, others with great subtly. Able to change only with a well-reasoned argument.

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