Youth – Fire/Earth

A young woman stands on a disc and swings a stick with a flame at a small disc (looks like a ball). She appears to be in a forest. Behind her are a pair of trees – one on each side like pillars.

This card is about the energy of growth being expressed through practical means. Because she is a youth, her methods may be a little under-developed. The trees & disc she stands on remind us that particularly in youth, we have structures like tradition, or the methods of past masters, to help us. Being young though, it is easy to forget that or even assume that those things hold us back.

True independence doesn’t come from denying tradition but from learning how and when to use “the rules” or “normal ways of doing things” as ways to help us to become more successful.

Divinatory Meanings

A person very sure of themselves who will often get what they want. Sometimes it takes them a few goes to get there. The ability to stand your ground through just about anything (even when unsure). Sometimes this can lead a person away from what they would be better off doing into swinging wildly. This rarely lasts long though with this energy.

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