01 Possibility

01 Possibility
01 Possibility

Aces are magical (as much as anything is magical) in playing cards as they are both the highest or lowest card in a run, depending on the situation. This is as close as we get to the source (like the Big Bang).

We see a green lady with no clothes stepping from a white triangle. She holds a disc and is surrounded by earth & crystals.

The white triangle is the “everything/nothing” on the other side of the barrier between this universe and what is outside (and therefore unknowable and irrelevant to us). Being without clothes reminds us that as things enter this world, they are without mask or artifice. This makes them vulnerable yet very true.

The green skin and earth remind us that this Earth which is practical. The crystals are reminiscent of the stars of Air. Within the earth, this is “as above, so below”.

The energy of an Ace is a possibility that can be grabbed to become the beginning of something or lost back into the ether. An Ace will commonly show where energy is or should be.

Divinatory Meanings

A new opportunity or possibility, usually practical or physical (money, job etc.). A person or situation which is “at one”. Practical energy about to move or that is blocked (and the door will close).

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