Father – Air/Fire

An older man stands in a camp in the open. He holds a staff (big walking pole) and points. Beside him is a fire. Behind are some tents and a star. The wind blows his hair in the direction he points.

This man has learned to join ideas with action. He is passionate & directed in what he does. He is on the move all the time. On campaigns like a general with an army. Or he could just be a restless loner.

This man has a quick mind and acts to match. He has learned that acting too quickly does not always pay. He knows that if he bides his time and chooses directions wisely he will be successful. He is a natural manager & leader.

Divinatory Meanings

Choosing a wise course of action. Understanding that this is part of a larger project or campaign. Being willing and able to move quickly. Not time to settle in a rigid setting. Time to get moving as the winds bring changes that are better worked with than ignored.

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